Puppet Design for Kunterbunt, an adaptation by Ana Crăciun-Lambru, produced by Teatrul Gong in Sibiu, 2020.
An adaptation after Marcus Pfister by Ana Crăciun-Lambru, translated by Ciprian Marinesu and Frank Weigand
DIRECTED by: Ana Crăciun-Lambru;
PUPPETS: Maria Mandea, Ana Crăciun-Lambru;
STAGE DESIGN AND COSTUMES: Alexandra Budianu, Elena Iorga, Paul Budan;
MUSIC: Marius Popa; ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: Raluca Pavel;
CAST: Angela Paskuy, Claudia Stühler.
duration: 50 min.
Photos: Gong Theatre, Maria Mandea, Ana-Crăciun Lambru
First, I created the fish out of paper to figure out the shape concerning how it moves. Then I took the paper models apart, scanned the pieces and imported them into Adobe Illustrator. There I traced each shape and created vectorial drawing patterns. Using a digital cutting machine, I cut all the parts and assembled them by sewing or glue. The last step was to paint them using spray paint.
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